July 2009

Underwriting our effort helps keep the lights on and enables all of us to see who we are - in this place, in this time. These are, so to speak, our community's home movies, the annals of our day. This also also helps Flagstaff show its most local face to the world and preserves our unique culture, through the magic of the www, for whomever may be curious about us in the future.

Underwriting makes our television broadcasts possible and helps keep our archives online. And in these challenging economic times we are not immune to the difficulties of producing our shows with the resources at hand ~ in this lean economy. So, we are reaching out to you, our friends, the community our viewers, to help make Flagstaff's only weekly video news magazine possible.

FLAGNEWS Weblink: For just $50 each month FLAGNEWS will post a full color weblink image, 200 x 75, will be added to our homepage.

Our online visitation has increased over 100 percent in the past year and we currently get an average of 88,000 hits per month on the website. Our viewers watch an average total of over 60,000 minutes of the show, giving you great exposure while they watch.

Regular Underwriter: For $200 each month we will announce your company name near the beginning of each weeks program, as in a "thanks to our underwriters" you see on PBS or hear on NPR. In the Underwriter segment near the beginning of the show viewers will see the hosts of the show mention the Underwriter business in tableau and see an image of the company logo or footage of the business or owner in the bottom third of the frame. In the Underwriter mention at the end of the show the image (logo or footage of the business) will roll out fullscreen with the name of the company and address at the bottom of the frame.

Primary Underwriter:  For $400 each month Primary Underwriters will be given a prime 15 second slot during the show; Underwriter image or logo, with narrated copy or sound from footage, and will occupy a full screen presence for 5 seconds at the end of the show, in the "made possible by" section. AND A 200 x 75 "Weblink" banner will also be posted on our website, giving you an additional opportunity to be seen by thousands  of web visitors each month.

Because our local Television broadcasts run 7 days a week on channel 59 and 2 days a week on channel 4, and all Underwriter business enjoys 2 positions per show, Underwriter presence will have a total of 72 local television impressions per month. Our DISH NETWORK presence will account for 16 national television impressions per month. Totals: 88 television impressions per month, giving your business maximum exposure both locally and nationally for a nominal fee.


If you'd like to help out ~ send us an inquiry and we'll get back to you ASAP.





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