April 13, 2007


Full Show

Intoduction with Tony and Thomas Jefferson.

News Local and regional news with Mary Jane Peters

William Burke old time musician and instrument maker extraordinaire is here to play a tune and talk about Sunday’s fundraiser for The Northern Az Book festival. ASee a mandolin he is making and a banjo of his.

James Jay has as his special guest on the WORD, Becky Birkit to tell us all about the comings and goings of the full week of literary events planned for the 10th Northern Arizona Book Festival.
Joe Donaldson Flagstaff's Mayor was kind enough to give us some of his time this week. A candid look at his job and shares a surprising new development in his life as citizen-Mayor.
Johnny Mac sits down with Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce's Joe Galli to talk about the business of business in our fairmountain town.
Porch Lights 2 of the lights were with us today and if this is the sound from just these two ...imagine if the whole porch was lit! Really fine musicians.
Weather A message from Jackson is always a moment to enjoy.
Outro Tony signs off.
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