March 30, 2007


Full Show

Intoduction with Tony, just back from a week in sunny Mexico.

News with Kevin Elston and Mary Jane Peters

Ryan Heinsius is Tony's special guest today. We all have our day jobs, but often times it's what we do after we punch out that tells the most about who we are. Ryan's "day job" is consumed by the rigors and intrigue of journalism ~ as the editor of FLAG LIVE, but in his off hours he celebrates his music and plays in the Voluntary String Band.

Peace March Probably one of ther largest peace gatherings in Flagstaff's history, the Peace march and rally last Saturday, the 24th, was an emotional event for many of us. Action Jackson Branson takes onthe edit for this on. He does an effective, moving job.
WeatherThe way things have been going for our weatherman lately, we'll be happy if he can keep the preditions in the all.
Clayson Benally Offers a Hoop Dance at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals celebration in Heritage Square on the 21st.
Johnn Mac Delivers his commentary on Train Noise and Open Space.
Outro Tony signs off.
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