March 9, 2007


Intoduction with Host Tony Norris.

News with Kevin Elston and Mary Jane Peters.

Tony Norris - With special guest Phyllis Hogan, herbalist, ethnobotanist; a downtown buisness owner for over 30 years and owner of THE Flagstaff herb, cosmetic and native art shop Winter Sun. Phyllis is also the executive director of AERA, the Arizona Ethnobotanical Research Association. A small calendar note: the AERA in conjunction with the Black Mesa Water Coalition and Native Movement will be hosting a "Gathering for Community Based Organizing" April 27th-29th at the Coconino Center for the Arts.

Johnny Mac - With guest Chris Novellino and Drinking Liberally. Democracy for America, Ackermans.

This week we interviewed 3 local filmmakers with films in the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival. Chris Gunn, Harlan Taney and Meredith Potts from F.I.R.E.

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