March 2, 2007


Full show both guests for today's show have been in , on or around the Colorado river for over 30 years, Scott Thybony & Brad Dimock.

Intoduction with Host Tony Norris.

News with Kevin Elston.
Pow-Wow - Special segment! Shot last saturday, March 24th at the Flagstaff High School, the grand entry is a beautiful thing to behold. The care of costume, dance and respect for traditions make the Flagstaff PowWow an event worth attending.
Tony Norris - With anthropologist and writer Scott Thybony.
WORD news James Jay, and Fretwater Press publisher Brad Dimock discuss Brad's new book on legendary Colorado river boatman Bert Loper.

Johnny Mac - Gives his perspective on user fees and tax philosophy.

Joe Meyers performs at Charly's.
Weather - Action Jackson takes the day off.
A final Word with Tony Norris.
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