February 23, 2006


Full show ticking like clockwork.

Intoduction with Host Tony Norris.

News with Kevin Elston & Mary Jane Peters.
Mary Jane heads to the mountains!
WORD news with writer James Jay on the street. James tells us a little about portable reading.
Tony Norris plays another classic cowboy number, a tribute to cowboy's who ride drag in the trail crew... Dust Eatin' Cowboys.
Eco-Bicyclist Longtime FLG resident Hope Greer promotes sustainability through her small bicycle eco-business. She doesn't sell bicycles, she delives your groceries with them, helps you with your compost, recycles your glass. In this segment she recycles for Biff's Bagels and at Absolute Bikes Officer Tony Ryan of the Flagstaff Police Department gives a few bicycle safety tips.

Weather - Action Jackson couldn't be in today, but left a message for his trusty fans.

A final Word with Tony Norris.
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