January 16 , 2009

Fullshow - OK, we are all making plans to gather with friends for the Superbowl...the World Series...the Stanley Cup finals or Wimbledon? Nope...it's the Presidential Inaguration on Tuesday the 20th that's tops in local talk around Flagstaff this week. Tony Norris does a fine job on the subject of "home" and Our Native American News for this month gives us a peek at Navajo Winter Stories.

News - We collected the 7 segues from today's show: One Tyrus and Joni discuss the Presidential Inaguration coming up on Tuesdat this week. And point out the Weatherford Hotel countdown clock is running down to the historic event. Two Tyrus and Joni discuss the idea of the recession and buried treasure up here in the North Country. Three Joni decides she'll "free all the puppies" if she finds some treasure gold.Four Tyrus tells about the importance of oral traditions, and the Navajo Winter Stories as they relate to language, culture and the perpetuation of the wisdom of a people. Five Tyrus and Joni talk about how Tony's stories make them feel all cozy and comfortable in the winter time. Six Tyrus complains to Joni about his not getting an invite to Mitzy's inaguration party. Seven Tyrus and Joni talk about their days in high school sports.

Jessica Stevens - joins Justin over at the Flagstaff Visitors Center in the old train station to bring us this weeks news for locals and out of towners interested on what to do with all the free time on their hands.

Kimberly Ott gives us some great tidbits: the Coconino County Perscription Drug discount cards available (go online) and remembers for us the that in this edition of Cityscape the trach pick-up calendar for 2009 will help keep us smelling the roses.

Jamescita Peshlakai - heads out to the Cameron area to get a taste of the Navajo Winter Stories for us here at FLAGNEWS. This week's segment is a small part of the one and a half hours we recorded this week. The whole of it will be posted here on our website once we finish with the translation. This is the goods!

Tony Norris - Tony talks about the idea of "home" and all that this entails. Some people live in modest digs while others live in fancy houses they show us on "Homes of NASCAR Dreivers" and the like. Tony talks about some of the smells and feelings associated with one's domicile, in his bailiwick.

Mitzy Bellini - Gives us a pheads up on all thats goin on here in the North Country. AND she lets us in on the fact of her plans to throw an Inaguration party in D.C. Mitzy Bellini...in the Mix ... You can always e-mail her with activities you would like posted at mitzybellini@gmail.com

Sinaqua High School - is back in the house with basketball action this week. For those of you who have been missing their "2 minute drill" segments here on our show this will be a welcome relief of basketball madness.

Rob Dowers - From Eagle 103.7 radio's Morning Show with Rob & Sam, is our guest weather personality this week. He does a great job of making it all sound so easy ~ . Check out his morning show at: MORNING SHOW

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