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Tony Norrismail-pics-site
Tony Norris ~ : Born in a small cabin in Texas that he helped his grandpa build, Tony cut his teeth on the music and stories of the West. He spent the next half century traveling and collecting American music and folklore. He dug graves, worked the kill floor of a meatpacking plant, shod horses on the ranches of South Dakota and Wyoming and always had a knack for listening. He married a purty woman, raised five kids, went to the river and got baptised and found his way back home again. He sings and talks for a living in the schools, cowboy poetry gatherings, conferences and campfires. He lies but means well. As the host of FLAGNEWS@NOON he brings a warm wit and a wry smile that welcomes you into the neighborhood of Flagstaff.
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Kevin Elston ~ News: Formerly of Flagstaff's NPR Weekend Edition
When Kevin was eight years old his grandmother, Lydia, bought him a transistor radio and a miniature tape recorder. That gift sparked a lifelong fascination with broadcasting that continues to this day. He naturally joined the “Radio Club” in high school and learned Morse code to qualify as a ham operator. By age 18 he was the morning news anchor at KUGR in Pullman Washington. He has worked over the years in both newspaper and radio news. He has hosted music programs at KMGN and KAFF and started working as the city reporter for KAFF radio in Flagstaff starting in 1999 before being promoted to afternoon anchor in 2003. Kevin has been recognized by the Associated Press for his features and for his work as a news anchor. He cares deeply about local reporting and believes that radio news plays a vital role in the life of the community. He joined the team at KNAU in the summer of 2006. Kevin enjoys live music, kayaking and computers. Whenever he gets out of the studio you will find him happily hiking the many wonderful trails of northern Arizona.

Mary Jane Petersmail-pics-site

Mary Jane Peters ~ News: "Hello there strangers and friends. I met Tyrus (the director/creator) in the winter of 2005. He happened to be the one to give my friend a replacement key to her apartment (which she'd lost out of her side pocket of a new coat the previous evening). He watched her place the replacement back into the very same pocket. We both watched her in amazement - then- Tyrus looks away and says 'I can't watch. It's like a kid in the street about to get hit by a bus. He made me laugh. Sometime months later my same friend tells me about a flyer Tyrus had put up - something about a news show. I called him - he remembered me - I think after he saw me again - and said he would like for me to be part of this crazy idea."

Jackson Barnsonmail-pics-site
Jackson Branson ~ Weather Personality Ex-Officio: Phoenix born but Flagstaff proud, Matt has been a fan of entertainment most of his conscious life. Voted class clown and “most likely to be a fake weather man” Matt enjoys entertaining all walks of life. After a most unfortunate Trapeze accident, Matt was forced to put his Circus career on hold. While playing a role in a short film, he was discovered by FLGNEWS producer Tyrus Coursey. Knowing nothing about the weather, Matt quickly jumped at the opportunity as an outlet for endless creative possibilities. He believes that laughter and happiness is the key to a successful life as well as maintaining a youthful appearance. He enjoys helping the needy, long walks on the beach, and pretending to be a weather man. Relocated to Denver the summer of '07.
Johnny McCulloughmail-pics-site

Johnny McCulloch ~ History / Politics: With a political style sometimes described as “ready, shoot-aim”, John “Johnny Mac” McCulloch knows the local political scene. Elected twice to the Flagstaff City Council in ’90 and ’92, he also lost a bid for County Supervisor (’06) and a run for Mayor on 2002. He hosted a political talk show on KVNA radio in ’97-’98, and has continued to advocate for many local issues (i.e., train noise ordinances, snowmaking at AZ Snowbowl, traffic, city management and the BBB tax to name a few) With a self-described “blue collar ethics and white collar background”, Johnny Mac does not advocate for any special interest in particular. He tries to judge any issue on the benefit to the community as a whole. Johnny Mac came back to Flagstaff full-time in 1983 and was active in the local music scene for 20 years until arthritis in his fingers made it impossible to continue performing professionally. For the past ten years he and his wife Lisa have been the owners of the two international Hostels in Flagstaff, and have raised two children.

Mark McMahonmail-pics-site

Mark McMahon ~ Maestro: Send money soon, need new socks. Mozart and Art Blakely both make my skin crawl. I am a composer who uses the guitar, in that world I like Elliot Carter AND Lou Harrison...

James Jaymail-pics-site

James Jay ~ Poetry Correspondent: James Jay has taught poetry in jails, high schools, charter schools, community colleges, and currently teaches at Northern Arizona University. He received a MFA in Creative Writing from The University of Montana. Currently, he works as the editor for Camphorweed Press, an independent publisher of poetry books and essays, whose stable includes writers Mark Gibbons, Roger Dunsmore and Dave Thomas (the Beat-like poet of Missoula, Montana – as opposed to the cheeseburger Dave Thomas of the interstate exits). Jay’s first book of poetry is The Undercards from Gorksy Press, Los Angeles. He is the founder of the United States Department of Poetry, a peaceful organization dedicated to countering the violence of governments through the teaching, reading, writing, and love of poetry. For more on Jay’s poetry, please visit

Derrick Harveymail-pics-site
Derrick C. Harvey ~Webmaster / Online Producer: The name is Derrick C. Harvey and I am a student in the Psychology field. Graphic design and web development is a hobby and my part-time occupation. I have been playing in this area for about two and a half years. I look to many other designers as my insiration and motive for improvement and always think that my work can always be improved and I am never satisfied. Music is another inspiration to my work. It helps to me get into a zone and just work away. I like to listen to rock, metal, hip-hop(limited), and jazz almost anything, even an ocassional boot scootin jam.
Mark Bransonmail-pics-site

Mark Branson ~ IT Ninja: Born in Phoenix, in 2003 Mark moved to Pueblo Colorado where he worked as the head technician for Comwest Digital, a computer retailer. His responsibilities included the usual, tech fix and networking, but Mark also taught public classes offered through Comwest Digital; MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, and computer hardware literacy. In 2005 Mark returned to Flagstaff out of love for the cultural life his brother Jackson Branson, FLAGNEWS weather personality, introduced him to. Mark is responsible for computer networking, and keeping order on the set. He is the Computer Ninja and can be reached at 928.310.1454

Tyrus Courseymail-pics-site

Tyrus Coursey ~ Producer / Director: Shipwrecked on this desert isle now for 4 years, Tyrus comes from a long history of theatre and film. In the spring of '06 he decided perhaps this town might really benefit from a local, noncorporate, news and infotainment resource available over the internet; Good news and local happenings offered via the WWW. So, he asked a few friends to get involved. This website is the document of that voyage.

Tyrus is the founder of the idea and acts as chief cook and bottle washer for FLGNEWS.COM ... all the mistakes you see are entirely due to his awkward luchadero relationship to technologies ~ not the cast or crew.

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