December 28 , 2007

Full Show - This is our last show for 2007. Like last year, our show between Christmas and New Years pays special attention to our host - The Weatherford Hotel. Again, as we did last year, we have an interview with Weatherford owners Pamela "Sam" Green and Henry Taylor, and again it is worth seeing. We also get a visit in with the Weatherford General Manager Matt Bial, a lesson on tamale making and some autoharp music.

Intoduction - Tyrus caught in the moment, with his hot coco, gives us a warm welcome to the show.

Sam & Henry - The true hosts of our show, conservators and gaurdians of this Flagstaff jewel which serves as our headquarters - The Weatherford Hotel - chat with Tyrus about the year past. In many ways the tone of this comfortable interview quite reflects the general tenor of this grand old hotel; this home town "home place" for so many of us.
Flagstaff Local - One of our friends for the show here in Flagstaff decided to give us a look at how she makes her Christmas tamales. The were delicious, let me tell you. Thanks Patricia!
Matt Bial - General Manager for the Weatherford Hotel gives us a couple minutes to say thanks to the community for another year of service. Well, we'd like to thank the management and staff for making this another memorable year!
Michael Barker - This guy works up at the Grand Canyon. When we caught him he had just gotten off the Greyhound after a three day ride from Florida. His autoharp playing gave our end of year show a special character we'd never have been able to muster any other way. Helps us remember back to times when this fine little instrument was an obvious choice for folks headed out to new lands.

HAPPY NEW YEAR we'll see you all at the PINE CONE DROP!



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