December 26 , 2008

Fullshow - This week we remember Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and the families who will be needing a little support this year.

News - We collected the 7 segues from today's show: One From the snowy outdoors a simple Christmas greeting and ojn in to the Weatherford and the fireside of the Zane Grey room. Two Tyrus and Joni warm themselves by the fire and exchange gifts. Three Tyrus and Joni wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Four Tyrus and Joni express their obvious glee at Tony's epic, and awfully tall, tale of his most memorable Christmas dinner.. Five Tyrus and Joni talk about Vinnie's donuts. Six Tyrus and Joni talk about Mitzy's folks of there in Northe Dakota and the Sinaqua Mustangs Seven Tyrus and Joni bid adieu.

Merry Christmas from the folks who work for us at the City of Flagstaff We found a number of cheery and willing folks over at City Hall the other day. Many happy holiday wishes from the people who keep the mechanisms of good government working smoothly.

Tony Norris - Gives us the what is quite probably his talles tale to date. His inspired remeniscance , which we we have come to enjoy hearing every year here on FLAGNEWS, is sure to become the holiday classic .

Cooking with Vinnie - Vinnie instructs Joni Cakes on the fine art of making his favorite holiday donuts. The entire crew can attest to their deliciousness, to their cakey festiveness and to their being gone from the serving plate before we left Vinnie's driveway.

IN the MIX - Mitzy Bellini, our favorite Dakota person does not go into much detail about the goings on this week...but her folks are kind enough to send her a video Christmas greeting we thought was most ...North Dakotan. You can always e-mail her with activities you would like posted at

Mustang Media - The kids over at Sinaqua High School are not showing sports this week. But they did provide us with a little bit of holiday surprise we are sure you will all enjoy.

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