December 19 , 2008

Fullshow - This week we remember Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and the families who will be needing a little support this year. We had the Northern Lights Parade here last week, we dug out of our first real snow this, 2 feet plus at last glance, and we found a little bit of the Hawiian Christmas spirit is wherever you find it. Happy mid winter to all and each!

News - We collected the 7 segues from today's show: One Aloha! this week starts off with a Hawiian themed Keystone comedy-romp in the fresh snows up at Buffalo Park. Bing Crosby joins Tyrus and Joni for a chilly afternoon out. Two Tyrus and Joni banter about cookie exchange parties and carolers and sundry midwinter festive things. Three Tyrus and Joni talk about winter solstice and Chanukah menorah events to help our community round out their festive schedules. For more information on Chanukah events please visit the Chabad Jewish Center of Flagstaff website. Four Tyrus offers a mia culpa to Kimberly Ott for walking on the street this past week. The snows were piled pretty high in some places and it made sidewalk navigation challanging... Five Tyrus and Joni discuss irony and the whole Santa thing and it becomes sort of comical in a Flagstaff sort of way. It was Tony's story that kicks this dialog off. Tony's story is really something we all will want to comment on as Santa time draws nearer. Six Tyrus and Joni talk about Mitzy's headgear this week. Seven Tyrus and Joni bid adieu.

Northern Lights Parade - It was a fairly good turn out, both audience and participants, for this years parade. David Grandon had Tony Norris as Santa over in front of the Grandon Gallery to fund raise for Heifer International and the snow let up just enough to make the Parade more a pleasure than a burden.

Hottie and the Fatso - Take us the the Matterhorn, well, the restaurant actually. For a full review by this dynamic duo of gastronomes you may want to visit their website review of the fine Germanic epicurean palace at their podsite : HERE For more inside info on where to eat around town visit their website at

Jessica and Justin - from the Visitors Center tell us all about the "snow play" opportunities that abound with all this winter whiteness.

Kimberly Ott - ireminds us about all the do's and don'ts for this wintery weather. She reminds us to keep our pedestrian activities to the sidewalks and admonishes folks with their property on sidewalk borderers to help keep the sidewalks safe. AND, of course, the winter parking restrictions, so the snow can be removed by the catalog of heavy equipment out there.

Tony Norris - Gives us the inside scoop of the life of being a seasonal Santa with this touching tribute to his days on the Polar Express, which runs on the Grand Canyon Railway friom Williams to the Canyon this time of year. Visit Tony's site at

IN the MIX - Mitzy Bellini, our favorite Martian, just returned from Mars Hill with these disco like antennae that made her seem just a little bit more festive than her antler wearing cousin this week. We sense some sort of family rivalry here... Mitzy gives us the run down on everything you ever want to know about doings about town. You can always e-mail her with activities you would like posted at

Weather - We fairly well mentioned the big snows that came down this week past and mention there may be a few flurries this week, along with some seasonable weather of brite days, and chance of more snow near the early part of next week.

Mustang Media - The kids over at Sinaqua High School are not showing sports this week. But they did provide us with a little bit of holiday surprise we are sure you will all enjoy.

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