December 14 , 2007

Full Show - You know you live in a great town when your video production computer's motherboard fries on a Monday and someone volunteers from your community to help you get our show taped and edited on that Friday. Special thanks to Greg Hales ~ who came to our rescue! ...So you want to get into the Holiday spirit. Alright, this show ought to put a little tinsle in your step.

Intoduction - Tyrus still sports his new haircut courtesy of Studio 8 Hair Salon nestled around the corner from our studio right here in downtown Flagstaff and gives us all the site map for today's Yuletide offering.

Tony Norris - Tony tells a tale of "The Night Before Christmas" in a way that makes us all remember those times in our past when we've shared this poem with friends, family, or the elementary school auditorium. A great tale told by a fine story teller.
The News - MaryJane and Tyrus take us through the high points on this season's calendar here inFlagstaff. With the right amount of good wishes and gentle tidings you all are sure to enjoy.
David Coe - Of North Country Health Care gives us an up to date look at just wht they are up to in their new facilities there on N. 4th Street. It certainly sounds like they are up to a lot of gret things for our little town and the world around us.

James Jay - our literary guru gives us a Christmas poem by the late-great Flagstaff poet Jim Zimmerman. This is the final published poem of Zimmerman's career and it hangs on the wall of the Uptown Billiards. It is personal for many of Flagstaff's lit community and we certainle welcome this beautiful and touching piece from one of our own.

Jmac - gives us something to think about in this telling turn of ideas. His insights are rife with moments we can all relate to and his interesting ode to Flagstaff at the end of his segment harkens to William Blake symbology.

Michael McNulty - Local musician and avant garde performer Michael McNulty gives us something to think about in this special Christmas composition which debuts here on our show. The expression "...he knows if you've been naughty or nice..." takes on Edgar Allen Poe dimensions here in this inspiring work.



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