December 5 , 2008

Fullshow - This week we embark into the holiday season up here in our small mountain town. Chestnuts for open fires are a little pricey this year but there's plenty of cheer in the air, and goodwill among the folk of this region.

News - We collected the 8 segues from today's show: One Joni Cakes explaines what "Merry Christmakwanzika and Festivus for the rest of us" means to her.Two Tyrus and Joni talk about Heifer International, Joni's Mom will be donating a cow through the organization this year, and the cleansing attributes of charitable works on one's heart. Three They finish their Heifer International conversation and move on to Joni's plans to visit sis in Casa Grande to make Christmas cookies. Four Banter, really, about the fact that the Weatherford Hotel has the Pine Cone up, ready for the New Years Eve Weatherford Pine Cone Drop. Five Tyrus and Joni congradulate Denise Dee on her recent acknowledgements from the Women in Photography International 2008 Juried Competition. And they follow up on Stephanie Smith's tips for energy efficiency.Six The opportunity to learn conversational Gaelic comes up in this segment. .Seven Joni Cakes is kind enough to share Mitzy Bellini's email address with us, and her fans. We just hope Mitzy is ok with that. Eight Tyrus and Joni bid adieu and remind viewers to send an email if they have a news story or an event we should all know about.

David Grandon - Our art correspondent, is planning a benefit on December 13th, the Saturday of our Northern Lights parade (starts at 6PM) for Heifer International across the street here on Leroux at his Grandon Gallery. There are rumors that Tony Norris and Santa (with a beautiful helper elf) may be there as well ~ wink wink, so you may want to bring the kids along.

Christmas clips - It is beginning to look a little Christmasee, Christmasy ~ festive with garlands and decoration here around the downtown. We stepped out and captured a few images to wind up into a little ribboned bundle of gentle Joy to try and help set the mood for this month.

Jessica and Justin - from the Visitors Center offer the run down on a many of the venues of gathering and gladness our City determines. It seems we have a lot of free things to do around here this month. Luminarios, the Northern Lights parade, Christmas time Lights at Little America...

Kimberly Ott - Stephanie Smith, the sustainability empressario who bought us the 10/15 at 10:15 City clean up campaign, is back to visit with Kimberly to talk about more amazing City programs and giveaways designed to help us all cut down on energy consumption this winter.

Tony Norris - Doesn't exactly pull a rabbit out of his hat, but he does manage to "come up with" a fascinating tale about a dog a porcupine and an odd thing about turkeys.

David Grandon - Here's David giving us the ermine trimmed velvet version of all in the ART WORLD we need to be especially cogniscant of. He sits in front a giant onion and tells tales of a Chili cook-off. A must see.

IN the MIX - Mitzy Bellini, our fashionable gal about town, returned from Antarctica with a frigid Rudolf reindeer nose situation just in time to deliver all the comings and out goings we can look forward to this week.

Weather - Because this sort of segment is ever so popular with traditional television, and radio, and newspapers, and on the internet and with electonic gadgets designed to keep we non- aviators absolutely up to date (up to the milli-millisecond) with weather condoitions, WE decided to throw our two cents in with a 2 minuite look at the week ahead. It is still a novelty, so don't leave your coat at home just yet.

Mustang Media - The kids over at Sinaqua High School offer the first installment of winter sports this week with girls and boys basketball.

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