November 30 , 2007

Full Show - The mezzanine at the weatherford is full of holiday cheer and so is this weeks show. You don't want to miss our interview with Heather Rodgers from Northland Hospice and the regular assortment of great infotainment from the Flag News ensemble

Intoduction - Tyrus sets up this exciting show with a rundown of this weeks fantastic guests and regular Flag News players

Tony Norris - Tony gives us a tune he wrote for his grandaughter.
The News - Tyrus and Mary Jane fill us in on all the important holiday happenings around town and discuss Tyrus's handwriting skill as well as improvising a debate on our favorite background noise in Flagstaff- dem' darn trains!
James Jay - James hits one out of the park- Again! This time with a combo of the poetry of Sherman Alexie and SASQUATCH!!! You do not want to miss this one!
Jesse Anderson - Plays a colorful tune on the banjo.

Heather Rodgers - is a welcome guest to our show. She stopped in to discuss Northland Hospice's Holiday events for December. You'll want to have a look at this interview and find out how you can support Northland Hospice this holiday season!

Kari Joy - brings us a delightful Kids Beat romp with her take on family.

Flagstaff Culture Partners - Give us a look around about their amazing craft show- Its Essential - this is a great opportunity to catch up on what your favorite local artists have been up to this year. This annual event has been going on for some years now and it just keeps getting better! The sale, of both fine art and holiday dainties, goes on until the 20th but you might wanna show up early if you'd like to get the pick of the litter!!! Darcy Falk, a past guest of our show, has a couple pieces in this show ... her consecutive 20th year!



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