Thanksgiving, 2008

Fullshow - Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to our 3rd annual all native Thanksgiving weekend show. This tradition for us down here at FLAGNEWS is a once a year broadcast devoted entirely to the Native American news from Northern Arizona news desk. Jamescite Peshlakai has put together a fine assortment of native stories we are sure you'll enjoy in the free time this Holiday weekend affords.

News - We collected the 6 segues from today's show: One Jamescita Peshlakai, FLAGNEWS Native American news correspondent, joins Tyrus in the Weatherford Hotel studios to kick off the 3rd annual all Native Thanksgiving weekend show. Two Kudos for KGHR and an excited intro to the kids over at the Moencopi Day School. Three Jamescita suggests she would like the 7 year old from Moencopi Day School who runs the 2 mile to be her personal trainer. Then Tyrus and Jamescita set up the next segment on the Native American craft vendors who operate the many roadside business' we see here in the Southwest. Four This seguy provides aome interesting statistics on the economic significance of the roadside vendors. Five An interesting twist on the whole sustainability dialogue these days, Jamescits helps point out that many al fresco food enterprises in the Native lands buy local produce. .Six Jamescita takes us out this week with a reminder that it only takes a tank of gas to visit the Native lands of the Navajo and Hopi in our State. She challanges us to get out of our comfort zones and explore the world we all live in.

KGHR - This really short, 30 seconds, segment is a small tip of the hat to the efforts of the KGHR Native Public Radio efforts from Tuba City. Their efforts to entertain, inform and educate their listeners in the Western Rez is really quite a pride for the Public Radio roster of stations here in the Southwest.

Moencopi Day School - The place where 7 year olds compete in the 2 mile run, and the "varsity" team has qualified for National competitions in Virginia next month, this segment is really an eye opener on the ability for these amazing young people; their disire and the discipline it takes to be a great long distance runner. If you can help defray costs for their travel to compete in the nationals please give them a call at 928.283.5361.

Native Roadside Vendors - Jamescita stops by the outdoor kiosks at the Dairy Queen on 89A between Flagstaff and Sedona, to give us a glimpse of the world of roadside vending. These small mom and pop enterprises help to support not only the families who sell the broad array of fine Native crafts from our region, but they also endure as the primary Native operated outlets for Native arts and crafts from the outback.

Helen, Al Fresco - For 30 years Helen has been operating a small mutton stand in the Tuba City flea market. Today this, and other, small sustainable enterprises of this kind, help provide the backbones of our Native economy.

DINE INC. - This is where the rubber of sustainability meets the road. Dine Inc. helps provide seed and ag support to many local would be gardeners and farmers of our area. Their outreach covers a wide swath of cultural and economic efforts in our region. This segment concentrates on a small corn plot in Curley Valley, just outside Tuba City.

Sir Harrison - Blues-Jazz guitarist Harrison Begay, aka "Sir Harrison" is pretty well know around the Southwest these days. This 2008 Native American Music Awards nominee is really one of the cultural gems of our area. His virtuosity, his soulfull stylings and his embodiment of the technique and emotions wrought by the many masters of blues ~all are evident in this segment.

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