November 23 , 2007

Full Show - This is our 2nd Annual ALL NATIVE day after Thanksgiving show. This year our Native American News from Northern Arizona reporter, Jamescita Peshlakai, has gathered a special cross section of regular folks and celebrity interviews. We are proud of the work and hope you appreciate this show as much as we did making it.

Intoduction - Tyrus lets us in on this year's celebration. Jamescita was assigned the mission to find vignettes in our area which reflect the beauty of our times; to help us offer those stories that reflect ideas or activities which give us that special Thanksgiving glow in our hearts. We think she did a great job.

Native American Students United at NAU - Jamescita found club president Shannon Davis and club advisor Vernon Davis the the student union on campus. They tell us about all the activities planned this month for National American Indian Heritage month. There's really quite a bit going on. For a complete listing of activities you may want to check this out.
NACA - Amanda Morris of NACA, Native Americans for Community Action, gives Jamescita a great synopsis of the health programs and services NACA offers at their Family Health Center at 1500 E. Cedar Ave. And they are sure to let us all know that you need not be a Native American to make use of their services. The outreach and services are available to all.
My-Little-Mother - Jamescita takes us to her home place for a poignant moment with her aunt Eleanore. In many Navajo families there were one or two who didn't end up in boarding schools. Eleanore is the one who stayed behind to help Grandmother with the sheep and keep the home fires burning for the rest of her siblings. Her story relates to hundreds of families whose lives were effected by Federal policies of deIndianization common in the last century.
James and Ernie - The famous Native American comedy team of James and Ernie give us an outstanding interview from the Orpheum Theatre. They performed to a crowd of hundreds here this last week and truly brought the house down with laughter.  James Junes and Ernest Tsosie III make up the Native American comedy team who have been featured around the Four Corners area of the Southwest, entertaining people with their musical antics and life on the reservation humor. Along with their sidesplitting comedy, the pair delivers a positive message promoting a healthy life style choice of saying no to drugs, alcohol and domestic violence.




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