November 21, 2008

Fullshow - This week it seems to be about Thanksgiving, generally. We catch an interview with Elizabeth Schulze, newly of the Flagstaff Symphony, Hottie and the Fatso take us to Altitudes, Vinnie cooks up some turkey stuffing and the fun just never really seems to stop.

News - We collected the 6 segues from today's show: One It appears that Tyrus has a bit of a cold and Joni's dog, a small unit actually, has been determined obese. Two Chat about Gov. Janet Naplitano's visit up here this week, and the City Council decision to revisit the "No Camping within City Limits" ordinance in early December. Three Tyrus tells Joni he's drinking Navajo tea for his cold and they chat about Hottie and the Fatso. Four Banter, really, about getting ready for the snow activities. Five Joni confesses her secret desire to be the Mayor of Flagstaff, even if just for a day.Six Kudos for Tony Norris and a toss to Vinnie for his cooking segment this month.Seven Tyrus finally lost his voice this week so Joni takes us out with a visit to the folks down at the Flagstaff Family Food Center. We couldn't help but notice the strong contingent from Collins Irish Pub, on Leroux here in the downtown, working away on the serving lines on this afternoon. It's a great place to chip in if you have any time you can spare, and have the burr to serve your community in some small anonymous way.

Elizabeth Schulze - Flagstaff Symphony's new artistic director sits down with Joni Cakes to give us Flagstaff up close and personal interview ~ We like her! She is warm and humorous and, if reports are as accurate as they are glowing, she has quite a fine approach to sharing the joy and intelligence of her musical affinities ~ which reach back to her association with Leonard Bernstein... ah , but to explore all this would take an entirely different interview. Welcome Elizabeth!

Sara Pressler, Mayor - The mayor was kind enough to let us into her schedule this week in order that she have an opportunity to wish Flagstaff a " Happy Thanksgiving!" She is joined, at City Hall, by our water guy: Randy Pellatz. ...Happy Thanksgiving Flagstaff!

Jessica Stephens - Is joined by her sidekick Justin from the Visitors Center this week. They explain how the city of Flagstaff, through efforts made by the Convention and Visitors Bureau, is making inroads with those ubiquitous social networking tools that have so much to do with the way many are using the internet these days. Facebook, Myspace, twitter...

Tony Norris - Tells us a story about a collector of folk tunes, about a gal named Dink, and another song that might have been lost along the way ~ had it not been found in time to preserve it.

Hottie and the Fatso - Flagstaff's very own restaurant critics, are joined this week by their mini-me's at Altitudes. Together they review the chili fries and other amazing culinary adventures as fates will take them ~ through the wilds and icy turnsof our Flagstaff culinary ski gates.

IN the MIX - Mitzy Bellini, our fashionable gal about town, gives us her pick of the happenings in and around Flagstaff for this coming week. Mitzy is newly returned from a jaunt to Gotham ~ with attire and accent to match.

Cooking With Vinnie - This month Vinnie helps walk us through a Thanksgiving stuffing which features walnuts, calamara olives, apples and other such goodies that is sure to help inspire you to "get your bird on" It's easy to make ~ and tastes fantastic. Thanks Vinnie!

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