November 16, 2007

Full Show - Jam packed! Since this show will be running Thanksgiving week, we thought we'd give you some interesting moments based around to get you ready for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at FLGNews@Noon!

Intoduction - Tyrus, as usual, gives you the scoop on today's lineup. He looks happy. We like that.

Tony Norris - Tony delivers a fitting holiday song, given that this month is the National Native American Heritage month. He sings the Ballad of Ira Hayes. A song about an Arizona soldier, a Pima Indian that was one of the most famous Marines in the second world war.
News - This week, Tyrus and Mary Jane give you all the highlights of upcoming events here in Flagstaff. It's truely amazing what a diverse selection of cultural activities Flagstaff has to offer.
Johnny Mac - Here's an eye opener! J Mac gives us the lowdown on some important discoveries at Lowell Observatory. It turns out that some of the discoveries that Lowell made had to do with some optic trickery. Tune in for the low down.
Music - Greg Francescian sings a lament that would make the cowardly lion weep. We think you'll enjoy this.

Thanksgiving Week - It's a little-known fact that many folks just dont have anything to eat for Thanksgiving. This segment celebrates the efforts of two local businesses in Flagstaff, Collins Irish Pub, and San Feliipe's Cantina, and talks about their contribution of time, effort, and food for the less fortunate this holiday season.

Kids Beat - Kari Joy Thomas talks about Thanksgiving, from a kid's perspective. The way she conveys it helps us remember what it meant to us, the true character of Thanksgiving.



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