November 14, 2008

Fullshow - We stop by Altitudes to get the scoop on the ski scene, find out Flagstaff is getting quite a bit of press lately, congratulate Elias Butler and Tom Myers on their 2nd book award for their Harvey Butchart work called "Grand Obsession ~ Harvey Butchart and the exploration ofGrand Canyon" (talk about local! The subject, the authors and the publishing house [Yeah! Puma Press] are all LOCAL) and we let the folks from eagle 103.7 lead off our show this week in honor of their 1st year anniversary.

News - We collected the 6 segues from today's show, Joni Cakes and her cousin Mitzy are in the house for this week's show....yeeeeehaw! One Because we never want you to get too comfortable with any sort of routine, we decided to have a little festivity to kick off this week's show. We caught the folks over at eagle 103.7 having their 1 year anniversary throw down ~ so we thought we'd let them intro the show for us this week. Congratulations !!! Two Tyrus and Joni are reunited here around the kitchen table in our Weatherford Hotel studio. They talk of Mitzy's shopping habits. Three Tyrus and Joni talk about bears and weather and geomancy. Four Tyrus and Joni discuss Thanksgiving plans, stuffing recipes and Tyrus reminds us that our "Thanksgiving" show is going to be FLAGNEWS' 3rd annual Native American show showing 11.28 Five Tyrus and Joni set up the short interview with Elias Butler and Tom Myers on their NOBA selection for "Grand Obsession". Six Tyrus and Joni bid adieu!

Lynda Fleischer - Local winter sports enthusiast and Ski Team promoter Lynda Fleischer, who owns and operates the infamous, and absolutely burger friendly restaurant Altitudes (with husband Paul) just south of the tracks on Beaver ~ explains the goings on with the Ski Team and touches on some interesting lore on this winter's snow predictions. Bears, tarantulas and road kill ...

Kimberly Ott- Kimberly has Becky Daggett as her guest this week. Becky is the go-to person over at the City's economic development office; the person you want to see if you plan to be trying to do any business with the city, county, state or Federal government. They talk about an info-event you may want to attend ~ scheduled for 11.20 at the Aquaplex.

Jessica Stephens - Is joined by her sidekick Justin from the Visitors Center this week. They admire a stack of publicity their offices have generated in some pretty prestigious mags, and a nifty calendar, sure to be a favorite stocking stuffer this year, which highlights Flagstaff as the theme for September.

Tony Norris - Tells about old time country dances, put the furniture in the yard and dance all his version, an adaptation really, of "sobre las olas" (over the waves), usually one of the last songs at these shindigs, the one that often brought the dances to and end.

PUMA PRESS - Elias Butler and Tom Myers share a cuppa with Tyrus and give us a short comment on the generous recognition they recently received from the National Outdoor Book Awards this week for their Harvey Butchart work called "Grand Obsession ~ Harvey Butchart and the exploration ofGrand Canyon". They play part in one of a handfull of small press houses up here in the North Counrty which still write for the ever diminishing audience of readers out there who enjoy a fine book now and then. If you are interested in finding out more, about a local teacher and his fascination with the Grand Canyon, you might want to pay a visit to PUMA PRESS. Do it!

IN the MIX - Mitzy Bellini, our fashionable gal about town, gives us her pick of the happenings in and around Flagstaff for this coming week. We didn't get a peak of the rumored pink convertable as yet, but we'll keep you posted.

Mustang Media- The kids are back with another sports round up this week. I imagine some of you were probably turning to the likes of ESPN for your sports jones, as we had no sports offering last week. But even ESPN is scooped here by the superb reporting of our local High School on OUR intramural sports scene.

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