November 09 , 2007

Full Show - Yes, as the leaves have all gone, and we await the snows of wintere here on the little town on the mountan, all is well.

Intoduction - Tyrus tells us about the lineup today, no kids beat or weather, but Mark BRanson made a great piece on Ivan Bronston and his unique local art style. You can't miss this one.

Tony Norris - Tony takes us across the pond to the 'Streets of London'. For a foggy, autumnal moment.
News - Tyrus and Mary Jane set the record straight - Yes! we are now 'iPod' accessible! Cody delivers on the film series the Orpheum has been developing as of late. Next up - Bottle Rocket. An early Wes Anderson picture that helped launch the careers of Luke and Owen Wilson.
James Jay - Reads us one of the finer Dog poems we've ever heard. But this time, he's reading from his work at Uptown Billiards.
Karna Otten - Sings an original number titled 'Thorns and Water.' A sweet and moving piece, perfect for a fall afternoon. Find more of Karna's music at her myspace.

Johnny Mac - Gives us a concise economic and social read on Mexican employment in the Rocky Point area. We think you'll find this quite interesting.

Ivan Bronston - Originally from Shonto, Arizona, teams up with FLGNews producer Mark Branson to showcase his visually stunning and deeply symbolical art. An NAU student, he believes in 'Bringing the meaning back to art, and not just the pretty picture.' Mr. Bronston's installation, 'Evilution', will be on display at the Beaver Street Art Gallery.



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