November 7, 2008

Fullshow - An historic election this week, one in which the first African American, Barack H. Obama, has been voted the 44th President of the United States, sets the background to this week's show. Johnny Mac, our "Plato of the Pines" joins us to help dissect the 2008 election results. There is hemlock in the show as well courtesy of Phyllis Hogan of Winter Sun.

News - We collected the 6 segues from today's show, Joni Cakes and her cousin Mitzy will rejoin us for next week's show, SO we asked Johnny Mac, Flagstaff's own politico gadfly,to step in and help us host the show. One Tyrus makes special mention that in this most historic election (at a time when the president elect might well see the job he has secured as an inheritance to a house on fire) Virginia, which was the heart of the Confederacy some 140 years ago, voted decidedly for a black candidate for President of the United States. Two Tyrus and Johnny Mac recap elections and Johnny admits his support for Obama. Three Tyrus and Johnny Mac talk about the election and deflation and the Ann Kirkpatrick win. Four Tyrus and Johnny discuss the high voter turnout and the results on the propositions. Five Tyrus and Johnny talk about the amazing enthusiasm they witnessed at the Orpheum Theatre Obama victory party. Names are named... Six Johnny introduces the exerpt he is about to read from William L. O'Neill's Coming Apart: An Informal History of America in the 60's.

Ann Kirkpatrick - Local Ann Kirkpatrick has been voted in for a seat in the 111th Congress. This Orpheum Theatre segment was her acknowledgement of the election results. Ann Kirkpatrick is a former member of the Arizona House of Representatives.

Kimberly Ott- The big news this week concerns ADOT's return to Flagstaff in order to review their statewide findings from last year';s acessment of transportation infrascructure needs for a future Arizona, and to seek additional input from we northerners. If you want to participate, or if you're just another curious citizen, you'll want to be at the High Country Conference Center on WED 11.12 3-5 or 6-8.

Jessica Stephens - Takes us out to the Jay Lively Activity Center, aka the ice rink, to get the scoop on fall activities which get you in out of the wintery cold in order to ice skate. Seriously, the only place we can keep ice, under normal circumstances, is in the refrigerated protection of the indoors. The Lively should be a wonderful place for Christmas promenades with the family.

Tony Norris - Local songwriter Matthew Henry Hall is Tony's special surprise guest this week. Hall, fresh from a visit to Paris, offers up a a new song. This number is so fresh the paint is still wet.

Phyllis Hogan - Takes us out to introduce us to hemlock. Not that we need to add it to our pantry items, but just to let us know it is there...that we ought not confuse it with celery or a carrot because it is extremely lethel. Find out more from Phyllis at her website: Winter Sun Trading.

Johnny Mac - Reads an exerpt from a Norman Mailer essay on the choice for Kennedy over Nixon. Change, and the challange of the new...

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