October 31, 2008

Fullshow - Lets Go Solar!!! This week we bring you the show from the City Tour for Solar event at NAU. David Grandon joins us again, as Joni Cakes is still on her shopping adventure with Mitzy. This week we cook, see a scary short about a film crew making a scarey movie, and introduce local restaurant critics Hottie and the Fatso...

News - We collected the 7 segues from today's show, Joni Cakes is still thrift shopping in Phoenix with her cousin Mitzy, SO we asked David Grandon to step in again and help us host the show. One Tyrus reminds us that winter parking ordinances are in effect. Beginning November 1st Flagstaff street parking is available until midnight. It resumes again at 7AM. If you think leaving your car on the street overnight is a wise idea, think again... Two Tyrus and David meet at the City Tour for Solar event down on NAU next to the Applied Research building. Three Former City Council member Kara Kelty joins us to explain to David about a few green utility facts we ought to be aware of. Four Vice Mayor and City Council member Al White joins David at the kiddie corner of the exhibit. Five Tyrus is amazed that you can bake cookies in a solar oven; toll house cookies done to perfection...mmmmmmmmmmm Six Chris Nichols gives us an interview on the purpose of the Tour and some interesting anecdotes about things solar. Seven Tyrus and David wrap up the show and muse over solar amazements.

Cooking with Vinnie - This week Vince Soqui, Kachina's gourmand, chef and all round nice guy, gives us a goulish treat of Mummy Hot Dogs. This is sure to be a hit with the kids.

Kimberly Ott- Announces that Cityscape, Flagstaff's City newspaper for news and information from the municipal side of things, is out. If you haven't received your copy, and you want your name added to the mailing list, call Kimberly at 928.779.7603

Jessica Stephens - Is joined by associate Justin at the Visitors Center in the old train station ~ to talk things Halloweeney and display their alter egos with quite creative costume choices. We think they are really on board with the spirit of the season!

Tony Norris - Is back from sojourn to his waterfront cottage on the Mexican Baja. He seems relaxed and fit and free from those tattered sleeves of care that trip all of us up now and then; if we fail to venture off the berg to see what lies below this perch at 7K feet. He remembers his mother ~ in her own words. This is striking, and soothing all at once. For any of us who have country in our past, or kin or in lives today, this piece will resonate with a quiet comfort we can all recognize... as home.

Hottie and the Fatso - Of the more than 100 restaurants that serve both the and the meek and bacchanalian of our small town, Hottie and the Fatso have visited over a couple dozen now and have offered their ever so connisoure commentary online, on radio, on ipods and now on FLAGNEWS. We caught up with the disguised couple, their identities safe from querilous restauranteurs who'd love a glimpse, at Brix this week for a small chat... to show our support for their marvelous contributions to local media, and help get the word out on their creative podcasts.

Tyrus Interview - We kinda liked our interview with Chris Nichols, senior marketing manager for the City Tour for Solar. So we thought we'd post it here in the segment listings this week.

Dead Fall - Tyrus caught up with a local film crew, based out of Phoenix, in the dark woods south of Parks this week ~ for their final day of shooting. They were working a feature flick; guy movie that sounds like a cross between Apocolypse Now and Deliverance, which they plan for release early in '09. From what we saw it is, to say the least, going to be an intense cinematic experience. We show the Producer, Robert Guthrie, and Writer-Director ~ Roze....during the peyote scene shoot with actor Shane Dean.



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