October 24, 2008

Fullshow - "Pumpkins for all my friends..." This week we enter the land of power tool pumpkin carving with David Grandon, a heads up on the Celebraciones de le Gente celebration at the Museum of Northern Arizona and a host of other moments ~ all Halloweening of Flagstaff at this time of ghouls and other strangers...

News - We collected the 7 segues from today's show, Joni Cakes is off to Phoenix for thrift shopping for her cousin Mitzy, SO we asked David Grandon to step in and help us carve out a show out this week. .One Tyrus catches Vince Soqui, host of our new "Cooking with Vinnie" segment we're rolling out nexr week, over at David Grandon's gallery across the street. We convince David to help out with the show this week . Two Tyrus and David settle in at the studio and David explains his philosophy on pumpkin art. Three Though many of you are probably old hands at this sort of thing, we found pumpkin art made with a power drill a refreshing departure from the classic fright or flight artistry proffered by most of the alt-pumpkin art experts who enjoy preeminence in this arcane field...of...pumpkin piercing? Four The pumkin fun continues ~ and hey folks, how about that "PUMPKINCAM"? Five Can there be no end to this madness... Six I think there is a riddle in all this... Seven David gives us the inside scoop, no pun intended on this pumpkin special, on the upcomming First Friday Art Walk.

Phyllis Hogan - of the Winter Sun Trading Company, takes us out to gather a little sleep-ease in the woodlands this week. Her subject is Valerian. Here, in the United States valerian is sold as a nutritional supplement. hmmm............... sweet dreams ~

Kimberly Ott- Gives us a frightful heads up on all things Halloween for the City of Flagstaff this week. But she looks a little green, don't you think? I hope it's nothing crematorial...or catchy, for that matter.

Jessica Stephens - is joined by associate Justin out at the Museum of Northern Arizona to help remind us of the 5th annual Celebraciones de la Gente event happening this weekend the 25th and 26th.

Mustang Media - The Sinaqua High School sports show for this week. The class and crew from Sinaqua offer yet a another great sports roundup. This week it's football, cross country and volleyball. Another quality piece of television from the only regular Flagstaff public school sports offering on the dial. Go Mustangs! Thanks Sinaqua.

Fernando Aquirre - Editor and publisher of, Que Pasa, the only bilingual Spanish-English newspaper available here in Northern Arizona, Fernando took some time to sit with us and talk about his newspaper. We also talked briefly on the Celebraciones de la Gente fete running this weekend at the Museum of Northern Arizona.

David Grandon - Our "art person~ality" from across the street, gives his picks for the next First Friday. Kind of an early peek into the future ~ helps us on to be better preparred to schedule out your promenade among the hoi polloi just passing through town and the connoisseur collectors alike.

Elizabeth Vogler - From the Coconino Center for the Arts reminds us that the Dark Skies exhibit is still up and a few other important incidentals you'll wanna be sure not to miss.



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