October 19, 2007

Full Show - One of the sunniest days Flagstaff will see before the quickly coming winter chill; The usual gang is here - Chop up some firewood, come inside and join us for a lineup you wont want to miss.

Intoduction - Tyrus lights the fire and tells us about the upcoming show.

Tony Norris - Tony sings a classic, 'The Big Rock Candy Mountain.' A testament to what has made Tony Norris a popular Folklorist in our community.
News - Mary Jane Peters and Tyrus Coursey are joined by Cody, and fill us in on the current events. Cody's segment this week is rife with Halloween movie picks that will scare your socks off!
Wendy White - Executive director of Flagstaff Shelter Services, stopped in to tell us what's happening here in Flagstaff for the homeless. The weather is changing, it's gonna get cold, and Wendy is doing her best to make sure there's a safe warm place for them.

Kyle Dalden - Comes today to talk with us about the Indigenous Youth Media Center & Infoshop Bookstore Opening Celebration on Thursday, October 25th from 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm at 1926 N. 4th St. #7B In Pine Grove Shopping Center near Hunan East.

Stan Clark - Texas born Stan Clark is Tony's musical guest today, he reminds us of a cross between Willie Nelson and Kenny Rodgers.

Weather - Billy Ray Bonner decides it's the time of year for meatloaf. So, he wandered over to the Downtown Diner and asked Nancy for a recipe. She promised, so we'll catch back up with her sometime soon and get the goods!



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