October 17, 2008

Fullshow - As we inch further and further away from the warmth and laze of summer, veer closer and closer to chill and frost of Halloween... as the National elections draw closer and closer, and as the economy and global stock markets start to take on more of a hobgoblin-esque demeanor, of sorts, we, here on the Magic Mountain of FLAGSTAFF, declare our goodwill and happiness ~ that we fear not ghosts or the unknown economics our future may bring... that we welcome you to our show!

News - We collected the 7 segues from today's show, Joni Cakes is BACK!! We shoot this week from our home place studio in the famous Weatherford Hotel. .One Tyrus goes trout fishing down at the Rainbow Trout Farm down in Oak Creek Canyon. He ends up landing two beautiful lunch specials from the pond. A great place to take the family ~ they clean the fish for you and provide outdoor BBQ grills to help you on with the fresh fish picnic. Two We welcome Joni Cakes back. Ends up she ate her way back to health with chewable vitamin C's. Three Mall Bial, manager of the Weatherford, was kind enough to cook up our trout. Thanks Matt. Here Tyrus and Joni enjoy a feast made entirely from local forage. Trout, mesquite muffins and a watercress vinaigrette .....tasty. Tyrus makes mention of the mill which ground the mesquite, Brad Lancaster down in Tucson at Desert Harvesters. Many of us know Brad as a water conservationist. But is appears that his low water impact guru also includes landscaping and the use of low-water food resources in his repertoire as well. Talk about low impact!. We also make special mention of the only certified organic source for prikly pear nectar in the State, Arizona Cactus Ranch. Four Tyrus and Joni finish their wonderful feast and send a best wishes to Art Babbot, x-City Council and a partner in the Orpheum Theatre ~ get well soon. Five The age old discussion about the definition of the words "sin aqua" is finally concluded. Six We talk about high school years ~ Seven Joni tells about her affair with static.

Tyrus- takes us on a small experiment. What can we find to eat within a day's walk of Flagstaff? Well our casual survey found wild sorrel, water cress, dandelion, skunk cabbage, squirrel, rabbit, antelope, havalina, antelope, deer, elk, blackberries, acorns, mesquite and prickly pear fruit... and we're sure that's only a part of the story.

Kimberly Ott- Our Public Information Officer for the City brings us up to date on some important meetings you'll want to attend. "Proposed Low Impact Development Standards" anyone? Take the Community Character survey ~

Jessica Stephens - Our rep from the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau helps us remember the gift shop the FCVB maintains in the old train station on 66. What started out as a shelf on a wall has grown to fill two showrooms. Do you have your NAU true blue on?

Mustang Media - The Sinaqua High School sports show for this week. The class and crew from Sinaqua offer yet a another great sports roundup. This week it's cross-country and football. Another quality piece of television from the only regular Flagstaff public school sports offering on the dial. Go Mustangs! Thanks Sinaqua.

Tony Norris - Our gray bearded troubadour of Flagstaff, the last of a disappearing breed in these parts, Tony Norris takes us on a musical journey unparalleled in modern radio life. This is a spooky number ... be advised.

Billy Ray Bonner - Since having Billy Ray with us last week we decided to revisit a few of his classics. This offering called "Pumpkin Romance" is destined to be our annual Halloween video post card. It's a story about a guy, a pumpkin and ... well the rest is just bizzare.

Mitzy Bellini ~ in the MIX - Ok, we realize the similarities between Mitzy Bellini and our very own Joni Cakes are rather striking, but the fact of the matter is ~ they are cousins. The MIX, which we will be offering as a regular segment from now on, is a weekly snapshot of entertainments happening in and around FLAG. We like what she is doing here and know you will find the MIX a welcome synopsis of the week ahead. And ... well... Ms. Bellini is... interesting to boot.



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