October 12, 2007

Full Show - It is Fall and the autumnal beauty abounds here in the North Country. Tony gives us a superb performance today and the show is fairly well jam packed with easy October memories and a banjo picker who sings from the holler.

Intoduction - Tyrus gives us the lowdown from here on the 2nd floor of the Weatherford.

Tony Norris - This is one of Tony's most sublime moments in these broadcasts. His virtuosity as a storyteller and as a musician shine in this gentle tale.
News - Tyrus and Mary Jane Peters dash through the great things coming up this week in Flag and, oddly enough, Prescott.
Johnny Mac - takes a gamble and tries his hand at mixing the oil and water of politisc and religion in this week's segment. He draws on the likes of Sigmund Freud and Jean-Jacques Rousseau for this fascinating fall adventure.

ecoNAU - Host Ben Williams interviews Heather, from NAU, on an ongoing alternative herbacides project currently underway at the University.

Cordie Diggins- Just back from KY, brings her banjo and delivers us quite a treat.

Kids Beat - Kari Jpy thomas tells us about her tour of the Flagstaff Medical Center. Reminds us of the fine outreach the hospital conducts in our community.
Weather - Billy Ray attended the Tour d'Fat, Fat Tire beer fest last week. He seems to have had a great time of things and we were surprised to find he has a German Uncle who made his own Oktoberfest every year in the back yard of his "old Kentucky home".



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