October 10, 2008

Fullshow - The National elections are right around the corner, our global financial affairs seem to be in a state of confusion and it's fall in Flagstaff. The weather is turning to an October chill and the leaves are headed for Holloween and so, naturally, Billy Ray Bonner shows up on his way through town to sit with us as we talk about the Walt Whitman, the innocent, the fungibility of gold, huge hairballs and ghost tours. hmmmm If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium.

News - We collected the 7 segues from today's show, Joni Cakes is out this week with that darn cold that got started early this year around town, get well soon Joni ~ we miss you. Billy Ray Bonner sits in her stead with us here at the Weatherford Hotel. Many of you will remember Billy Ray as our philosopher-weatherman from last year. And for those of you who've never had the pleasure we've put together a trilogy of his weather segments called "Hillbillies in Space" ~ an adventure into Happy Existentialism .One Billy Ray stops by on his way to the Aspen cabin to tell us he is writing a book. Two Billy Ray and Tyrus try to remember Walt Whitman biographical details, any details at all...we think he was a newspaper reporter... Three Billy Ray remembers there is a sunken treasure ship out at Lake Mary and mentions, if we got this correctly, that he watched the Lincoln-Douglas debates this week ... on television. Four Tyrus asks after Bobby Ray, Billy Ray's shoeless cousin, and gets nothing for his efforts that seems to stick. Five Tyrus and Billy Ray carry on the conversation about the hairball story Tony read. Six Billy Ray imagies his high school sports were cricket and polo ~ somehow we just can't imagine this would be true.Seven We bid adieu.

Michael R. Higdon- of American Bullion and Coin joins us this week and we chat about gold and the economy and such. Gold biz seems to be doing fairly well in these tumultuous economic times. If, that is, you can manage to maintain an inventory. Michael has a podcast about the precious for those of you who have a hankering for gold news and views from a local source. You can find it HERE

Kimberly Ott- Our Public Information Officer for the City is joined this week by Stephanie Smith, Environmental Code Specialist with the Sustainability & Environmental Managment Division of the Public Works Department for the City of Flagstaff (now you can take a breath if you are reading this out loud) to tell us about the City Makeover scheduled for 10:15 on 10/15. It's a city wide litter clean up campaign we all want to participate in.

Jessica Stephens - Our rep from the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau reminds us the Flagstaff Visitors Center is offering Haunted Tours again this year. We encourage those of you with delicate heart conditions to think twice about attending.

Mustang Media - Our Sinaqua High School sports show for this week. The class and crew from Sinaqua offer a another great sports roundup.This week it's cross-country and volleyball.

Tony Norris - This week Tony came in all fixated on this story Flagstaff Live ran in the column Tony outrides called "The Snowflake Hairball" We tried to talk him down, but he insisted on reading us the whole thing. And we're kkinda glad he did. If you'd like to see a picture of the actual hairball, it is not a figment of imagination, you'll find it HERE.

Dr. Robert Schehr - Professor of Criminal Justice at NAU's Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, and gave us a few minutes this week to talk about the The Northern Arizona Justice Project. Why? Because Ray Krone, the 100th American to be released through DNA evidence, and Jennifer Garcia, a federal public defender in the Capital Habeas Unit based in Phoenix, will talk at 7 p.m. Oct. 16 in Cline Library Assembly Hall on the Northern Arizona University campus. ..with Liberty and Justice for all ~ maybe Arizona could use an Evidence Preservation statuate too...

Mark Branson - Here's one from the archives. Mark Branson, who worked on our show for ever as the computer ninja and all around digi tech guru, put together this video montage last year at this time. We thought we'd recycle one that captures this time and place; One that we are awfully fond of. We're sure you'll enjoy this local video art.



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