October 3, 2008

Fullshow - October always brings out the ghoul in us for some reason. The Pioneer Museum is taking us to the dark and deep of Flagstaff basements this week ~ and at the Weatherford Sam & Henry are talking about steam heat bullet holes and ghosts.
And on a lighter note...it's snowing on Mars.

News - We collected the 7 segues from today's show, Joni Cakes and Tyrus stick fairly close to home for this one. They all take place in the basement of the Weatherford Hotel. One While Tyrus is running late for the beginning of the show, Joni kicks things off with Henry Taylor, hotelier and civic pioneer of the revitalization of Flagstaff's downtown, from the beautiful barback that resides in the basement here in the old Hotel. Two Henry gives a little history to this piece of oversized, but beautiful, mixological furniture. Three Henry gives Tyrus and Joni the lowdown on Flagstaff's downtown steam system from somewhere back in the early part of the last century. The curious thing about this short talk on Flagstaff's use of "recycled" steam to heat buildings of the downtown ~ you can't find this historic fact referenced if you "Google" it. Such goes the way of many a small town curiosity, in this case the memory of a sustainability precedent for our "green" conscious little town. The body of information available inline is finite ~ and does not include many of the small footnotes that have shaped the world we enjoy today; the little things that every small town rembers in its dusty archives and grey haired memories. Four Sam joins Henry and Joni near the Leroux entrance to the Chinese restaurant that occupied the Weatherford's basement back in the early part of the last century - where Henry Gickles, of Lowell Observatory fame, traditionally came with his father for New Year's oyster stew. Five OK here we get to the uneasy part of this subterranean adventure ... the subject of ghosts. Six Sam tells Tyrus about the Wyatt Earp bullet hole in the door from the Zane Grey room. Seven Greg joins Tyrus and Joni...and legendary mouser "Bananas", at the fireplace in the basement to bid adieu.

Laszlo Keszthelyi - Ok, not everybody gaped in awe at the national news this week when they heard about SNOW on Mars. But we did. We took a trip up to the USGS offies up off Cedar St in the Buffalo Park area to find out what's the haps on our "downwind" planetary neighbor and all this ... snow buisness. Of NOTE: There is a good reason this US Geological Survey facility houses a department called "astrogeology" and, for you space history connoisseurs, a rather significant historical 16mm film collection of Apollo mission footage ~ this you can Google.

Kimberly Ott- Our Public Information Officer for the City takes us to CITYFEST scheduled for a little peak at this 2nd annual Flagstaff municipal gathering - Flagapalooza!

Jessica Stephens - Our rep from the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau takes us outside to remind our viewers who live down off the hill that Columbus weekend is the best time to make it up here forfall foliage.

Mustang Media - Our Sinaqua High School sports show for this week. The class and crew from Sinaqua offer a great sports roundup again. This week featuring golf and vollyball.

Tony Norris - In a spoken word essay form we colloquially refer to as story telling, talking about, or otherwise just musing over, Tony takes us in to the thought of the demise of a song. "Songs that don't get sung, disappear". We wonder at the dim resonance of those longs and breves that might still linger. Classic Tony Norris.

Jamescita Peshlakai - Our Native American News correspondent is back. She has as her guest this week the well known comic, musician and event personality James Bilagody. Together they talk about the zillion and one offerings, gatherings and performances scheduled for this year's Dine'Fair October 9th-12th. If you don't get out to the Rez all that often you may want to consider checking out just what our Native American neighbors to the north are celebrating this year. For more info about the Fair call 928.283.3284.

Shonto Begay - Probably one of most recognized , and talented, artists we have the pleasure to enjoy as a member of our community, Shonto Begay will be hosted by Brandy's for his 10th annual art show. He gives us a peek at his studio this week and shares a rare look inside his artistic mind.



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