September 28, 2007

Full Show - From the First Amendment, to affordible housing, today is full of particulars - reflecting the important events in town this week. Rick Swanson is with us from the city council to talk about affordible housing.

Intoduction - Tyrus gives us the lowdown on what we're going to have in this week's show, and then Tony sings us a gut buster about dancing with bears.

News - Tyrus Coursey and Mary Jane Peters give us the updates on what's coming up on the week ahead, with an interesting sidebar on an important first amendment decision that was handed out this week.
Rick Swanson - Councilman Swanson accepts the reality of the housing challenges facing our town. It's good to know that we have councilmembers who are thinking ahead to the future and how the issue of affordible housing is one which requires action, not reaction.

Word - James Jay helps us navigate the shallows and depths of 'Logos' in this concise video essay.

Kid's Beat - Kari Joy tells us what she did this week! For us, the highlight of the presentation concerned a little known composer these days, that goes by the name of Duke Ellington.

Weather - Billy Ray and Bear return from space without Bobby Ray..! It's a sad moment. But then, suddenly, Bobby Ray is found, and in this segment explains to Billy Ray the Alien way-out of an exostential crisis.



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