September 26, 2008

Fullshow - It's a science thing ~ This week we celebrate what science we could round up for this year's 19th Annual Festival of Science.

News - We collected the 7 segues from today's show, Joni Cakes and Tyrus venture to the Lowell Observatory this week in search of SCIENCE. One The family style photo op with Star Wars characters we caught at the local Wal Mart proves powerful evidence for the symbiotic nature of culture and science. Two Tyrus and Joni open the show from the Observatory Overlook ~ really has quite the view. Three Lowell Observatory's Kevin Schindler gives us the scoop on Robert Preston's Shoemaker Keynote Presentation for this year's 19th annual Festival of Science . Four Kevin Schindler gives Joni the run down on all the activities at the Lowell for this years festival. Five A quick moment sliding from Tony to the Museum of BNorthern Arizona's Dr. David Wilcox Six Tyrus and Joni take some air on the Observatory grounds. Seven The purpose of the Slipher spectrograph revealed.

David Grandon - Our newest member of the Bureau here at FLAGNEWS takes us over to "neighbor Vinnie's". Turns out Vinnie, Vince Soqui, is a finalist in Mario Batali's nationwide grilling contest. Here he takes David throught he hoops of making an apple tart ~ on the grill. Lets help Vince win!

Kimberly Ott- Our Public Information Officer for the City gives us a heads up on CITYFEST scheduled for Thursday, October 2nd, 4:00 -7:00

Jessica Stephens - Our rep from the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau takes us out to the Riordan Mansion , one of the important venues for this year's Festival of Science.

Mustang Media - Our Sinaqua High School sports show for this week. The class and crew from Sinaqua offer a great sports roundup again.

Tony Norris - Gives us a classic Sons of the Pioneers classic song "Cool Water" in a classic Tony Norris style.

Dr. David Wilcox - The Museum of Arizona is always a favorite place for FLAGNEWS to pop by. This week we dropped in to see what Dr. Wilcox might be able to cook up for us on a spur of the moment drop in. We told him this year's Festival of Science was called "Zoom into Science", that we'd like it if he might explain how a small thing helps us understand larger ideas. Well, as always, he blew the doors off. He takes us on a thousand year old adventure of the tiny Nassarius shell which originates near Guaymas Mexico ~ how it ends up as part of a necklace in Flagstaff some 1,000 miles away. It is a tale of turquoise, scarlet macaws, copper bells and tiny shells...a real Indiana Jones sleuth tour of the good Dr.'s insights on the Anthropology of our region. Now, this is cool science.



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