September 21, 2007

Full Show - Flagstaff Science Festival this week - gives us lots to talk about, and some of us even go out this world to bring you some special entertainment.

Intoduction - Host Tony Norris plays a tune on his guitar and reminds us of why we live here in Flagstaff. The beautiful fall that is just around the corner, and the hot summer's end. Thank you, Tony!

News - Tyrus Coursey and Mary Jane Peters bring you all the news that fits.
Chuck McDougal - from Mountain Meadow Farms joins us to talk a little about their organic sustainable farm just on the east end of town.

Johnny Mac - Talks about the unique upcoming election, which will be conducted entirely by mail-in ballot. Tune in and be prepared.

Kid's Beat - Kari Joy talks about babysitting! She discusses the ins and out of everything you'll have to remember if you are to take care of chilren younger than yourself.

Music - Flagstaff's very own Burnette family played at the Pickin in the Pines bluegrass festival this weekend... we were lucky to cath them doing a highly sophisticated and highly enjoyable instrument piece.

Weather - In recognition of Flagstaff's Festival of Science week, Billy Ray Bonner takes the weather segment to new heights - in fact, he takes it through orbit into intergalactic heights.



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