September 14, 2007

Full Show - Packed full of nutruition, nuance and Kara Kelty.

Intoduction - Tyrus guides us through another week of that special FLGNews blend of the curious and the sublime.

Tony Norris - Tony starts us off this week with a song in honor of his son Jake's art of the Copper Kettle at Stranahan's up in Colorado..
News - Tyrus joins Mary Jane this week to talk about all the news that fits.

Johnny Mac - Interviews local city council representative, Kara Kelty. Kara talks with Johnny about new devolopments on the old sawmill pond property at the corner of Butler and Lonetree. If you have been curious ~ here's the answer.

Brad Gerver - brings us sketches of Spain, another round of original musicial works in progress. Don't miss this!

Kid's Beat - Kari talks with us this week about pets from a kid's eye perspective. Petsmart may want to take notice of her keen insights.

Word - James Jay takes us on yet another sage and citizen adventure into the heart of language art and wordsmithing.

Weather- This week Billy Ray brings us the weather from the top of mount Humphreys... well, at least HE thinks he's at the top of mount Humphreys. Dont miss Billy Ray and his cousin Bobby Ray fighting off the bears!



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