September 12, 2008

Fullshow - It seems this sustainability idea comes in all shapes and sizes ...but I wonder ~ does our Flagstaff Sustainability Fair always coincide with our Pickin in the Pines bluegrass marathon? hmmmm

News - We collected the 6 segues from today's show, talking with Brett Ramey from Urban Lifeways Project and the Native Movement Artist Collective about ideas of sustainability and his work with the New Start students. One Leroux mural intro, Two Leroux mural with Brett, Three San Francisco St. Garden, Four Compost and the New Start garden on Mogollon, Five a couple New Start students offer some feedback, Six Brett and Tyrus sum things up.

Phyllis Hogan- Our in-house ethno botanist and purveyor of everything herbal at Winter Sun Trading , takes us out to the meadows this week to sit with some Gum Weed.

Kimberly Ott- Our Public Information Officer for the City catches up with Mayor Sara Pressler to get the updates on her goings on in the world of public service.

Jessica Stephens - Our rep from the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau spends a few moments with Darcy Falk on the upcoming Pickin in the Pines fete scheduled for this weekend out at the Pine Mountain Amphitheatre

Kimberly Ott- Brings us up to speed on all the doings for this years Sustainable Living Fair.

Tom Viskocil - Our Sinaqua High School sports correspondent Tom Viskocil is back in session with us here now, after the summer break from intramural events. This week ~ its a recap of the 2008 Peaks Cross Country Invitational held at Buffalo Park.

Tony Norris - Brings things forward with a more in-depth conversation with Darcy about many aspects of the work of putting such a huge event together ~ and we get a sneak peak at this years T-shirt.

Greg Hales - In the spirit of the bluegrass being all around us this weekend ~ we thought it appropriate to run this informal interview conducted by local video producer Greg Hales and a couple banjo experts.



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