September 7, 2007

Full Show - Another enigmatic excersize in the euphoric energetic lifestyle choice of livin life on the mountain.

Intoduction - Tyrus reminds us that next weekend, the 14th and 15th of September there will be 'Pickin in the Pines' and 'Artist's Open Studios.'

Tony Norris offers up a cowboy melody about outriding at the rear of the herd and what to expect when you come into town all tired and dusty.
Matt Miller - One of the cornerstones of Flagstaff's music community comes on once again to remind us that the second Saturday of every month is 'Songwriter Satuday.' This month's lineup of performers and a map of their locations can be found in the current issue of the Noise.

News - Billy Ray Bonner and Mark Branson sit in for Kevin and MJ this week. MJ is in Paris researching fine wines, great cheeses, and new poetry. Kevin decided to stay in Africa for a week extra to wet nurse the baby hippo...

Chuck Cheesman - Long time educator and musician stopped by today to give us one of his new numbers - one that you will surely be pleased to hear. Visit his website!

Kid's Beat - This food network repeat delves into the complicated world of after school snacks. this recipe for a turkey and cheese tortilla roll, and their delectable fruit salad with yogurt has to be seen to be truely appreciated.

Johnny Mac - Gives us a primer on voting ages. Both informative and entertaining, this certainly broadens Mr. Mac's repertoire beyond simple statistics and historical moments in Flagstaff.

Eco NAU - Ben Williams, our eco-host, talks about the new plan to recycle lost bicycles from the NAU campus. The plan goes something like this: Paint a bunch of bicycles a conspicuous yellow color, and leave them around the campus for people to ride, thus reducing the pollution. We ike this



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