August 24, 2007

Full Show Glorious half hour of Flagstaff goodies.

Intoduction Tyrus gives us the skinny on things.

Tony Norris Sometimes he just makes it feel good to be alive and kicking it in this "little town by the mountain".
News Cody Dugan steps in for Kevin this week. Kevin is still up in Seattle taking care of business. Cody provides an interesting complement to Mary Jane Peters.
John Pierson Jon Pierson, the host of KJACK's "Live at Five!" stopped in to let us know the updates for his show. The showtime has moved to 12:00 pm on Wednesdays!!  It will now be called "Live Lunch!"
James Jay is back from the big hunt out there in the open planet. He brings curiosities of language which may be new to many of you.
Kids Keri Joy Thomas gives an update on what things are like now that school is back in session.
Johnny Mac leans back to the numbers on this one. And you'll be curious to note just how much, or how little, our city officials take home in their brown envelope each month.
Weather Billy Ray does an interesting session outside the studio. But before he gets at it a cousin stops by to pay a visit ~ with promises of a road-kill BBQ and sweet tea!
Outro adieu ~



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