August 22 , 2008

Full Show - Sunflowers and chili roasting and a look at Sue Norris' Doney Park garden ~ which has morphed into an edible jungle over the past half dozen weeks of superb gardening monsoons for Flagstaff.

Heather Ainardi - From the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau, takes us out to Fort Tuthill to remind us of the 59th annual Coconino County Fair coming up beginning 8.29.

Kimberly Ott - Our muse from City Hall helps us appreciate our City's planning ahead. We are already starting to plan for snow removal ~

Tony Norris - Is joined by local luthier Bill Burke for a round of mandolin and banjo teasers for the upcooming Pickin in The Pines festival scheduled for September 12-14.

Sue Norris - Our "cautiously optimistic mountain gardener" lets us prowl around in the jungle which was once her dirt plot with hopefull seedlings. Tis a sight to behold!

Tyrus - Visits the Farmers Market, out on 4th Street, to talk Hatch chili roasting. Certainly the most hoi polloi market of our fashionably trending small mountain town, the Farmers Market has been roasting these Hatch chilis for almost 20 years. And if you are a real hard core devotee of the awesome Hatch you may want to consider a road trip out to their 36th annual Hatch Chili Festival.



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