August 17, 2007

Full Show Well, Tony was out of town, so Billy Ray Bonner stepped up to the plate, and in our opinion, if he didn't hit a home run, he hit an off the wall triple..!

IntoductionBilly Ray cannot, under ANY circumstances, pretend to imagine that he can play that guitar. We love him anyway.

NEWS Kevin Elston was out of town this week, so Billy Ray sat in with Mary Jane, too! And you know what, we're starting to warm up to his personality with the characters in this outfit.
Ben Williams From NAU, was here to talk about the sustainability segment that he will start doing as a regular part of the show!
Johnny Mac Was here today after a long absence to give us Flagstaff - by the numbers. It's interesting to see how the demographics break down - we think some of these numbers will surprise you!
Matt Zigeler From Greenhouse Productions - is here to give us an update on the whole music scene that's to come for the next few weeks. No matter who you are, he'll be bringing someone around that you wont want to miss!
Jamesita Peshlakai of the Peshlakai cultural foundation stopped by to bring us up to speed on all the Labor Day events happening out in Tusayan.
EXTRA! Chateau DuBeau...a new short film from Candy Winkshop Productions premeres this week here on the show! We're awfully proud of Candy and hope you like this unique sendup as much as we did!



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