August 15 , 2008

Full Show - Midsummer monsoons and the 2008 olympics keeping us up late when the days cool off~ this time of the year we all get a little groggy and turn to less sweaty adventures. This show kinda embodies this idea. But we think you'll enjoy it's less than hyperactive demeanor.

Heather Ainardi - From the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau, takes us out to the Pine Mountain Amphitheatre to remind us of the great schedule of performances on deck for the rest of the summer.

Kimberly Ott - Tells us about the meetings of the Flagstaff Commission on Diversity Awareness . Something to think about in a small town, non?

Tony Norris - Has gathered a few children around him this week in order to sping a Flagstaff version of an ancient Mexican story many of you might imagine ought to have a more Halloween backdrop.

Keri Joy Thomas - Our long lost Kids Beat reporter gives us the quick report on her entire summer.

Tyrus - Visits a political tour bus that parked at Heritage Square this week. One of the advantages of being here at the Weatherford is the proximity to anything that happens downtown.



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