August 10, 2007

Full Show Timely as always! James Jay is back from oblivion while Kari Joy Thomas is at summer camp. Don't miss this one! This is your last chance to catch Tony and Sue before they go on Holiday next week.

Intoduction Tony's choice of song this week is rapidly becoming somewhat of an anthem here at FLGNews, 'Mighty Ben.'

NEWS We couldn't do anything about it - Mary Jane is off on one of her shopping extravaganzas, so we decided to give Billy Ray Bonner his shot at the news. This one is certainly worth your time..!
Larry Peterson Singer and songwriter - Performs his original on guitar called 'Questions of a Child.' Fantastic performance!
Sue Norris with the Cautiously Optimistic Mountain Gardener report - interviews 3 students from the canterbury fellowship - Tammy Harkins, Nick Simson, Michelle McMillan. This garden is beautiful, you're going to love it!
James Jay Reminds us of the simple, yet profound observations of the poet Wallace Stevens. James can do it all - including a poery rendition despite heavy city noise pollution.
Karna Otten, a friend of host Tony Norris, sings and performs 'Trampin'' on guitar. A fantastic performance you absolutely can't miss.
Billy Ray Bonner continues to struggle with the green screen - not to mention determining east from west. With a little help from friends, manages to give us coverage of the local 5 day forecast - with a little dash of southern comfort.



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