August 8 , 2008

Full Show - In support of The 81st Pecos Conference we have buit a small monsoon season show that centers around culture and archeology. Elden Pueblo, Flagstaff's very own Commission on Diversity Awareness and another Peter Blystone piece, on the Seri of the Gulf of California.

Heather Ainardi - From the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau, takes us out to Elden Pueblo as a helpfull reminder of the historic inclinations to diversity, of the multi cultural heritage we enjoy here in our region. Our history is steeped in traditions of different folk ~ mixing.

Kimberly Ott - Tells us about the meetings of the Flagstaff Commission on Diversity Awareness coming up soon. Something to think about in a small town, non?

Tony Norris - Has gathered a few children around him this week in order to sping a Flagstaff version of an ancient Mexican story many of you might imagine ought to have a more Halloween backdrop.

Peter Blystone - Takes us down to the Gulf of California this week for a look at the Seri , their culture, and the health effects of modernizing them to contemporary diets which include all the deadly things we would all do well to avoid.



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