August 3, 2007

Full Show a blockbuster of an extravaganza of an unusually entertaining assemblage. We have mucis, laughs, literature and art in this big bang of a show. Well worth the gander.

Intoduction Tony is as always a warm fire on a cool damp monsoon afternoon.

NEWS well, sort of... Kevin Elston and Mary Jane Peters give us a peek on their picks for events and outings aroiund town for this weekend ~ there's more going on here than you might expect
Kids Beat with Kari Joy Thomas tells us about camping around Flagstaff and gives important tips for young and old.
Sue Norris with the Cautiously Optimistic Mountain Gardener report shows us some absolutely lush and delicious edibles she has growing in the miracle of care that is her beautiful garden in Doney Park.
Michael Wolcott talks about the collaboration of artists and reads a bit with Tony. Michael is almost a regular here and we've become quite fond of his readings here on our show. You want to be sure to catch Michael's Notes From The Edge column in FLAG LIVE.
Tom Hoyt is a local photographer with a keen idea for the unusual, the classic and visual ideas which engage the viewer. He is showing his works here in the mezzanine of the Weatherford fof First Friday. We roped him into an interview. You can see more of his photography at his website:
Matt Miller gives us the lowdown on 2nd Saturdays here in Flagstaff. A little different from the First Friday ART walks erer in town. This celebrates local musicians and songwriters.
Weather Billy Ray Bonner has his debut at the green screen. Well, the results are herein documented. The truth be told, he's going to be alright. .. if he can just get over using abstract language...



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