July 18, 2008

Full Show - Though the exact date for Cow Appreciation Day seems to vary from place to place in our great nation, suffice it to say that we feel more attention ought to be paid to this annual acknowledgement of our bovine companions. It is July ~ midsommer, sort of, and today's show reflects the random range of what can catch your eye on, or near, a Bovine Holiday ~ roaming Flag.

Tyrus - Tyrus attempts to begin this week's show from right up against the train tracks at the old depot on San Francisco St. He ties in a few historical notes about Route 66, the Babbitts (not to be confused with the 1920's Sinclair Lewis novel) and the original traffic route of old 66 through the heart of town.

Northern Arizona Highland Festival- There is something to be said for the endurance of cultural identity. Even in this age of our American culturalization to homogeneity ~ our Celtic brothers and sisters find time to conduct a mini-Lughnasa celebration here in Flagstaff. Today, Celtic languages are limited to a few areas in Great Britain, the Isle of Man, Ireland, Cape Breton Island, Patagonia, and on the peninsula of Brittany in France. But once a year their descendants gather for the feast here in the Highlands of Arizona.

Kimberly Ott - Is back from vacation in California ~ refreshed and ready to give you the updates from the City. This week she talks about stepping up to sit on boards and commissions; a sort of civic behaviour NOT restricted to people who are soley capable of making decisions and recommendations YOU may have rather were NOT made ~ have we lost you yet? If you have time and interest, or expertise and a vested interest in the future of our little town, you may want to consider trading in that old tired grouse for a voice in our City's future.

Heather Ainardi - Of the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau reminds us the Arizona Cardinals are back in Flag! So if you are a football fan you may want to see what's going on.

Tom Viskocil - Takes us to Lake Mary to see what triathletes go through in these times of American Obesity. It really makes you want to put down the remote and step away from the keypad and just think for a minute if you really need to rest away another afternoon instead of stepping out for a jog, a hike or a stroll through the woods.

Tony Norris - Tony tells a tragic and telling tale about cowboys and their ideosynchratic ideas of frontier justice ~ when it comes to that last drink of whisky. This true story involves a couple Hashknife Boys out at Two Guns.



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