July 20, 2007

Full Show a mix of midsummer and gardens.

Intoduction Tony gives us a tune "Moving Day" and today's line up.

Kids Beat with Kari Joy Thomas gives us the scoop on the Daisy to Brownie to Girl Scout track for young ladies in Flagstaff.
Sue Norris ~ interviews Rosemary Logan and Jessica McGrath on summer gardening activities at the Colton Community Youth Gardens. Rosemary is the youth Coordinator for the Museum of Northern Arizona. Jessica is with Americorps. You can see what's happening at: www.musnaz.org/education/ccyg.html
Richard Ferguson of the Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society stopped by to tell us all about the Celtic festival going on this weekend here in Flagstaff.
NEWS this week takes a unique turn where our very own Mary Jane Peters sits with an interview with KAFF news director George Davis. During George’s tenure, the KAFF news department has garnered several Associated Press awards for outstanding coverage. It is a pleasure to get a chance to see someone who's voice has long served our community ~ in fron of a camera.
Jill Divine is sitting in for James Jay this week. It turns out James had engagements in Phoenix today that Jill wanted to share with us. James was attending meetings which concern his new post as the Director of the Northern Arizona Book Festival (website under construction). ...talk about flgnews getting the inside track!!! Congrads James ~ Jill also asks for anyone interested in serving on the board for the 2008 Festival to contact jmd11333@yaho.com
Johnny Mac talks about the history of Fort Tutthill. You'll be surprised at some of history of this fine Flagstaff amenity. Thanks Johnny!
Ann Walka reads some of her absolutely local poetry for us and soothes us into the season with a rare grace you'll find a palliative on a muggy monsoon afternoon.



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