July 13, 2007

Full Show Vacation and Monsoon show left us Newsless yet again

Intoduction Tony gives us a tune and today's line up.

Kids Beat with Kari Joy Thomas gives us the low down on the Willow Bend Environmental Education Center. I think she really liked her visit.
Sue Norris ~ long time Doney Park gardener, lets us in on a little bit of what is to come from the gardening segment she is working on. We all look forward to what she plans to share with us "COMING SOON"
Michael Wolcott ~ columnist for FLAGLIVE, reads a segment of his Nowlin Meadows work. It is smart, earthy and will make anyone alive draw an easy smile.
Karna Otten gets a chance, finally, to be interviewed. Billy Ray Bonner sits in Tony's chair this week and lets Tony give us a glimpse of where he comes from.
Hopi Days We didn't get a chance to get out to the Museum of Northern Arizona to catch all the wonderful programs, but we did get a chance to see some really great dance offerings in Heritags Square.



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