July 11, 2008

Full Show - This special coverage of the Democrat Candidates Forum for Arizona's Congressional District 1, held late last month in Cottonwood, is one of a Public Service nature. Here at FLAGNEWS we believe that among the most important assets any community can have ~ is an informed electorate.
The more informed our community can be on civic matters, choosing a neighbor to represent us in Washington for instance, the better results we can expect from participation in our governing process. The value of information concerning the character and issue positions of those who would offer themselves up for public service, to vote on matters which effect our Republic, our state and our community, is, as the commercial goes "priceless".

We are honored to play our part in keeping the public informed.

This online version of the CD1 Forum differs from the televised version in that it contains the forum in its entirety, something we could not do within the half hour time slot we enjoy on local cable TV.



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