June 29, 2007

Full Show Short and sweet ~

Intoduction Tony gives us a tune and today's line up.

News with Kevin Elston and Mary Jane Peters. They try, for the first time, a new direction in our news formatting. WE think you'll feel much more comfortable with this laid back ~ Flagstaff method of newscasting.
Kids Beat with Kari Joy Thomas reporting on the great things kids can do this summer with all the programs offered at Flagstaff Gymnastics.
Vennie White now hails from Austin MN where she teaches at Riverland Community College ~ but there was a time when she roamed the education hills of Flagstaff. It's nice to see her visit.
Mark our house musician gives us a short take entitled "Don't forget to Whistle (when you're passing by the graveyard)"
James Jay Reads from an anthology: "Red Sky at Night: Socialist Poetry" edited by Andy Croft and Adrian Mitchell. He features works of Hugh MacDiermid and Siegfried Sassoon. This give a special flavor for your fourth of July festivities.
Renaissance in The Pines 'Step back in time to the Shire of Stone Ridge to the year 1560 as we put on a festival in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s visit. During her visit, we have planned many glorious events including a joust, renaissance games of skill and chance, a marketplace full of rare and unique treasures, stage shows of swordplay and comedy acts, childrens theatre, music, dancing and much more." Huzzah!!!
Outro Tony signs off.



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