June 27, 2008

Full Show - OK, with the 4th of July right ariund the corner and Folk Festivals and foot races and First Friday coming up next week...this week's show is fairly much a heads up on the corncopia of options for your holiday weekend merriments.

Eagle 103.7 - This week we see Ryan Heinsius Penelope Bass, from Flagstaff Live, join Rob & Sam to give us the run down on the haps about town this weekend.

Larry Holloway - This is the first of 2 Larry Holloway moments offered here this week. In this segment Larry talks about how he looks at a picture. Sound straight forward enough ~ but lets listen in on his mind.

Heather Ainardi and Kimberly Ott - Join forces this week in order to help manage as a duo all the 4th of July info you need to know about. Races, laser show, music art...it You'd need to be a super hero to get to half of the things going on next weekend.

John Tannous - The Coconino Center for the Arts has a really fine exhibition of indigenous textile work that'll blow your mind. If you have any time this weekend you might want to check it out.

Tom Viskocil - The guy who brings us the student work of Sinaqua High School sports reports takes us to some mighty fine "Gaspin in the Aspen" coverage. I don't know how these runners can keep it up at this altitude. It's really something to see.

Larry Holloway - This 2nd Holloway segment for this week is a bit of a homage-montage directors commentary to the video part of his Beaver Street Gallery installation. The show comes down on the 29th so you may want to stopdown there this weekend to check it out.

Tony Norris - Has Jesse Anderson, of the Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music on hand to talk about the Folk Festival going on here this weekend. If this festival doesn't offer something for everyone, at a price tag we can all afford, during these high gas price days, you are not reading their lineup close enough. $3.00 ~



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