June 20, 2008

Full Show - Happy SummerSolstice!!! Today, the longest day of 2008, finds us in the hubbub and pop of the official summer. "The name is derived from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still), because at the solstices, the Sun stands still in declination; that is, its apparent movement north or south comes to a standstill." Our show this week reflects this.

Eagle 103.7 - This week we see Penelope Bass, from Flagstaff Live, join Rob & Sam to give us the run down on the haps about town this weekend.

News - Tony Norris joins Tyrus this week to help with getting the Solstice events info out to the publik. There's a lot going on and Tony really seems to have his ear to the ground on all the events about...enen those he isn't performing at.

Heather Ainardi - Heather helps curate a mental tableau of just what parts, events and activities, we have available around FLAG this summer. There's always motre than we imagine. But you need to get out of your house, or come in from the bush to do them.... hmmmmm

Kimberly Ott - Our intrepid City Hall correspondent talks about the new air service, Horizon Air, we'll be having from LAX and sundry info alerts for we civic minded.

Phyllis Hogan - Ethno botanist and herbalist of the Winter Sun Trading Company, Phyllis takes us the base of Mt. Elden this week to tell us about the cliffrose.

NANNA - This month Jamescita Peshlakai presides over an historic reunion between Kathryn Peshlakai and Jean Bullard. They first met in 1945 as neighbors at Wupatki National Monument. Though the park was established as a National Park in 1924, Clyde Peshlakai, Kathryn's husband, was the first Native American park ranger. These women knew each other as young wives...at a time when gas could be found for $00.15 a gallon.

Tony Norris - Closes out our show for this week with tales of ancient tomatoes, the local folk, country and bluegrass calendar and a tune that mellows more and more each year.



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