June 1, 2007

OUR Ist Year Party-Show

Full Show This week we celebrated our 1st anniversary with a show of rather epic proportions. Cake, music and ...all that. Thanks for being such good sports for our first year of local - local infotainment.

Intoduction Tyrus stands in for Tony in this extravaganza. This is his intro.

Jamesita Peshlakai Gives us an update on just what is happening over at the Native Americans for Community Action center and Tells us plans for activities scheduled by the Peshlakai Foundation this summer.
Cake Yes there was and let me tell you..it was so delicioso ...
Brad Gerver local musician amd satarist, gives us a rousing tune which is sure to inspire.
Cathi Black our art corrspondent interviewslong time local artist Devi De LaVie . It is both informative and entertaining. We think his art has a whimsy and a feel that lends itself to vivid daydreams in surreal landscapes. Thanks
Voluntary String Band These folks just know how to rock the house. It's not every day thet you get such an accomplished foursome on stage doing it all together with such happy results. We are proud and pleased they coulf join us for thie celebration. You may want to visit their myspace to keep up on their performance schedule.
Billy Ray Bonner , the newest member of our ensemble sits with Tyrus for a minute to let us know a little about his background ~ we think. Then we catch his noir segment recorded Memorial Day weekend at the Mountainare Tavern.
James Jay, just back from Montana, brings us new voices from the partorals of the Americanj West. Well worth the visit for all of us. Especially Ed Lahey.
Johnny Mac delivers a hopefull and beautiful hello to our fair burg ... shot at Heritage Square this past weekend.
Weather Action Jackson surprises us yet again with his uncanny ability to twist something new out of the seemingly ordinary. The finished product can be seen here in next week's weather installment.
NewsAs in all good parties...we saved the best for last. Here are Kevin and Mary Jane with the news.



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