Karla Brewater

May 30, 2008

Full Show - Gathering the Elect; Mayor-elect Sara Presler-Hoefle, veteran council member Al White and council-elect Coral Evans and Karla Brewster are the stars of today's show ~ a non-political event that gives us a personal glanceinside these citizens who will serve our community for the next couple years.

Intro - Tyrus introduces the assembled and is happy that FLAGNEWS is honored today by these civic minded citizens. Thank You all!

Question 1 - We asked our guests: What brought you to Flagstaff & Why you decided to stay in Flagstaff. Here's what they came up with in this no holds barred exchange on the stage here at Charly's.

Here's how our guests answered question 2
  • What made you decide to serve in  public life.
  • What made you decide to run for the office you have secured   

Sara Presler-Hoefle
Al White

Coral Evans
Karla Brewster

Signoff - Tyrus and company bid adieu and these brave souls lesve us here today with our very best wishes in for the years of service they have pledged our little town.



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